Topcon Total Station
Patented, best-in-class robotic prism tracking technology from Topcon rejects false positives and remains locked onto the prism so you can focus on the job at hand. And our unique Hybrid Technology delivers the ultimate in non-stop productivity by combining GNSS positioning to quickly regain lock, and maintain profit. With the most powerful, accurate EDM in the industry, Topcon total stations return consistent results every time. Achieve multiple angular accuracy options even at 0.5 arc-seconds, and benefit from precision you can trust. Rugged and precise, Topcon robotics feature PowerTrac high-performance prism tracking and powerful long-range EDM, as well as exclusive LongLink communications and TSshield security and maintenance.
Vertical Construction
Go digital with your layout Workflow is the most important factor for BIM users. That's why we provide a complete solution tailored to your needs. Our workflows start by placing points in your model with Autodesk Point Layout and then sending those points to the Total Station or Layout Navigator in the field. Through the synergy between Autodesk authoring tools and Topcon software and hardware solutions, we provide the fastest and easiest way to accomplish BIM to Field.
GNSS & Network Solutions
This history brings complex systems into simple focus for your company's success. Topcon GNSS solutions are purpose built to provide productivity 24/7. Not only do our GNSS products deliver the best solutions today, we design our equipment to be repeatedly reliable with your work in mind. Finish your projects faster with confident results. That's the Topcon promise. All Topcon integrated GPS receivers offer advanced multi-constellation Vanguard technology, Universal Tracking, rugged construction for all-weather performance and patented fence antennas to ensure accuracy and long battery life.