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Ultimate motors private Limited company
was established in 1997 at a paid up capital of Birr 5 million. Ultimate Motors which upon its establishment started with automotive businesses later diversified its activities into construction and agricultural equipment and energy business.

During the last eleven years since its establishment, Ultimate Motor’s capital has grown form 5 million to 10.68 Million and its current and fixed assets have reached to almost three times its capital. Ultimate motors private Limited Company is now one of the few largest companies that have own well-equipped office, workshop, body rebuild shop and large spare parts warehouse buildings.

Employing over 130 people,It is located at the eastern site of Addis Ababa at Nifas silk-Lafto sub City, stretching on an are of 11,000 sq, M. Out of the total area the spare part warehouse covers 1,200 sq. M, the garage covers 7,000 Sq. M, the body building workshop covers 2,000 Sq. M. and offices & parking area covers the rest 800 Sq. M.