ChengLong 5 foot truck

The ChengLong 5-footer truck has a maximum power of 340 horsepower. The cabin is designed to be safe, sleek, and reliable. Transporting large quantities of goods, as well as driving safety on every road.

As the latest truck product in 2015 of the ChengLong Hai Au transport group, the Chenglong 5-foot truck not only inherits all of the advantages of its predecessor trucks, but also integrates High-featured, in order to perfectly meet all the needs of the user’s truck.

Specifically, ChengLong 5-footer truck using YuChai engine reached maximum capacity of 340 horsepower, very strong, durable; EURO III emission standard engine fuel economy (28-30L under load conditions); American-powered FULLER gearbox and acceleration system, lightweight and easy to get driver’s comfort while driving.

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