ChengLong 3-legged truck


ChengLong 3Ld Forklift is a commercial vehicle of the Chinese truck group, owned by many Vietnamese car owners with outstanding features such as strong power, high durability, maximum overload capacity. The vehicles, fuel economy, can run on any terrain, in accordance with the road system of Vietnam.

Commercial vehicles corporate truck ChengLong – China include many vehicles like tractors 3 feet 6 × 4 Trucks 3 feet ChengLong, Truck with barrel 3 feet ChengLong … Truck 3 feet ChengLong also belong The company’s line of commercial vehicles, with rich color variations, diverse structure, car body design, gearbox, tire, engine … in accordance with Vietnam road conditions, as well as Good response to the requirements of air freight of the user.

The Chenglong 3- lane truck uses the YuChai engine – a fuel-efficient EURO III emission standard. The size of the chassis of the Chenglong 3-wheel-drive truck is quite large, the new-generation engine is extremely robust and exceptionally fuel-efficient, suitable for high volume and road conditions in Vietnam. Male. Total weight of this model is quite large, allowing the transport of a large volume of bulky goods and still ensure the safety when participating in traffic.

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